Passport to Winter Fun

Passport to Winter Fun

The Passport to Winter Fun is a fitness incentive program designed to keep kids (K-6) outdoors and physically active during the long New England winter. Participants will receive a printed passport in which they can track their physical activity, 60 minutes or more per day, and receive prizes for completing 10, 20 and 30 days of the passport! At day 30, they qualify for the Polar Bear Achievement award and can enter the Grand Prize Raffle to win some amazing prizes!

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Watch this video to hear a teacher, parent and participants discuss their reasons for continually participating in the Passport to Winter Fun! 

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Anything that elevates your heart rate! There are only two rules: 

1. Physical activity must be an entire hour (60 Mins.) to count in the Passport! Activity can be broken up throughout the day, as long as it adds up to an entire hour. 

2. No screens! That means no video games/phone apps/computer games – not even Just Dance! We want to discourage screen usage of any kind.

We prefer physical activity to be outdoors but if the weather does not permit, indoor activities count too!

We’ve received some inquiries about the Front/Back Flaps – Why does UVTA need them back? I am happy to tell you why!

1. Health Study! The Passport to Winter Fun program is part of a large study designed to improve health all over the Upper Valley. UVTA has used the data from the Front & Back Flaps as Pre/Post Assessments for this study, which is proven to increase physical activity in kids! 

2. GRANTS! The Passport program is solely funded by grants. These grants allow the program to be free to areas that otherwise cannot afford it, allowing us to help more kids! We need these Front/Back Flaps to quantify the impact of this program. 

3. Prizes! If we do not receive a Back Flap from your Passport Participant, we have no way of knowing if they completed the program and cannot award a Polar Bear Achiever Prize! 

A Polar Bear Achiever is someone who completes all 30 Days of Physical Activity in the Passport! Once we receive the completed Back Flap in the mail, they qualify for the Polar Bear Achievement Award AND their name is entered into the Grand Prize raffle! 

We cannot award prizes to students who do not turn in the completed Back Flap! 


Passport to Winter Fun

PO Box 1215

Norwich, VT. 05055

Read the PDF below for detailed instructions on how to cash in prizes! 

Incentive Prize Instructions

The Winter Fun Weekly is a weekly eNewsletter with all things Passport – deadlines, updates, local events, incentive highlights – you name it! 

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Below are some important dates and deadlines for the 2020 season of Passport to Winter Fun! Please adhere closely as it will greatly contribute to your students success in the program!

January 3rd – January 28th: Passport Distribution. Students begin once they receive their passport.

February 25th: Front Flaps Due!

March 25th: Back Flaps Due! We cannot award Polar Bear Achiever prizes without a completed Back Flap.

April 1st: Grand Prize Raffle


Passport to Winter Fun

PO Box 1215

Norwich, VT. 05055