25 for 25

25 for 25

Support local trails with the Silver Hemlock fund

The Upper Valley Trails Alliance is celebrating 25 years in 2024 and for our silver anniversary, we are looking to the future of UVTA and the trails we maintain in our Upper Valley communities. Trails are necessary for health, wellness and connection to nature and we are committed to making the outdoors available to all. In order to further our Mission and Vision with a focus on equitable access and sustainability, we are excited to announce the creation of the Silver Hemlock Fund.

Over the course of 25 years, we’ve found that limited funds is the largest obstacle to creating and maintaining safe, sustainable trails. The Silver Hemlock Fund will provide immediate support to our Upper Valley communities by closing funding gaps and making these vital trail projects possible.

Help us raise $25,000

for our 25th anniversary!

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Why Hemlock?

The Eastern Hemlock is a locally abundant tree and can be found in many of the forests in which we build our trails. Hemlock is foundational with strong roots that prevent soil erosion on slopes and near water, providing a dense canopy for brook trout, snowshoe hare and white-tailed deer. The strength of this tree comes out in the lumber it produces and is often our number one choice when building structures. We chose the Hemlock to reflect our commitment to strengthening Upper Valley communities and providing safe, sustainable and equitable access to trails.