Gifts of Stock

Gifts of Stock

Please Give Gifts of Stock to the Upper Valley Trails Alliance

An outright gift of securities, or stock, to the Upper Valley Trails Alliance is a quick and easy way to make a meaningful gift, avoid the capital gains tax and receive an income tax deduction for the fair market value of the stock at the time of the gift. Traditionally, gifts of stock have been made using only appreciated securities. However, there may be advantages to donating either appreciated or depreciated stock.

Appreciated Stock

As stock prices increase, so do the taxes you owe on the capital gain. These taxes are generally charged at a rate of 20 percent. But if you own publicly traded stock that has increased in value and you have held it for more than one year, you can avoid capital gains taxes by donating that stock to UVTA. Additionally, your tax deduction is the full fair market value of the stock gift on the date it is transferred to UVTA.

Depreciated Stock

When the market takes a downturn, there may also be advantages to using stock proceeds as a gift to UVTA. If you have owned for more than one year a stock that has decreased in value, you can sell the stock yourself to realize the loss for tax purposes. You may then generate a charitable contribution tax deduction by donating the cash proceeds of the sale to UVTA.

Making a Gift of Stock — The following transfer instructions will enable your broker* to facilitate an electronic transfer of stock:

Receiving Firm Information:
Wells Fargo Clearing Services
One North Jefferson Ave
St Louis MO  63103

All DTC eligible securities
DTC#:  0141
Upper Valley Trails Alliance
Account# 8518-9062

Certificated stocks may be dropped off at:
Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC,
35 Centerra Parkway, Suite 201
Lebanon NH  03766

*Note to donors of gift of stock:

It is important to notify the Upper Valley Trails Alliance in advance of making a gift of securities to UVTA. Without such notice, gifts of stocks may be transferred to us without the identity of the donor, making timely acknowledgement very difficult. In addition, please ask your financial adviser to include your name on your gift.

Please contact Wells Fargo or UVTA with any questions:

Wells Fargo Advisors: 603-643-3338

UVTA – Russell Hirschler: 802-649-9075