Impact of Donation

Impact of Donation

How does your donation make a difference? 

Your investment not only makes you a member of our Alliance, but directly supports the building, maintenance and protection of trails in the Upper Valley as vital pathways to nature and stronger communities. In addition to our specific programs, projects and events, you are supporting all of our goals to help improve our communities:

  • Physical and mental health
  • Equitable Access
  • Conservation and Sustainability
  • Sustainable economic development
We are committed to putting your gift to good use, and we do everything we can to magnify the impact of your support with hard work, partnerships with towns and other organizations and the incredible power of our dedicated volunteers.  
As we ask you to give as much as you are willing and able, we want you to know some of the specific ways your contribution will help drive our work forward:

A donation of $2,500  

  • Funds two weeks of  High School Trail Corps stipends
  • Pays for the creation of a trail kiosk to help guide users
  • Provides 45 hours of trails work – enough to build a connecting trail

A donation of $1,000 

  • Funds one school to participate in the Passport to Winter Fun 
  • Helps us add 10 new trails to Trail Finder 
  • Pays for 30 hours of crucial trail maintenance on a local trail 

A donation of $500 

  • Adds five new trail tools to our lending toolshed 
  • Pays for a motivational grand prize for the Passport to Winter Fun 
  • Supports 15 hours of crucial trail maintenance on a local trail

A donation of $250 

  • Sends one staff member to a regional trail building workshop 
  • Pays for 2 new GPS units to collecting trail data for mapping Trail Finder 
  • Erects five new trail signs for local trails 

A donation of $100 

  • Pays for the building and installation one trail sign
  • Funds three hours of UVTA trail maintenance on a local trail 
  • Helps add one new trail to Trail Finder 

A donation of $50 

  • Pays for the printing of 75 Passport to Winter Fun booklets 
  • Supports one month of UVTA e-Newsletters 
  • Funds 10 Passport to Winter Fun completion Prizes 

A donation of $30 

  • Pays for the mailing and printing of 20 Alliance outreach letters 
  • Funds one hour of Trail Maintenance 
  • Helps purchase a gallon of trail blazing paint and equipment