Upper Valley Trail Finder


"Develop a Comprehensive Map of Upper Valley Trails" - This statement was a founding principle of the Upper Valley Trails Alliance way back in 1999. Following many iterations and ideas, UVTA staff settled on the Upper Valley Trail Finder as the ideal product.

Trail Finder is an free on-line trails database accessible to all users. The original Trail Finder was created by Local Motion of Burlington VT in 2007 and UVTA was asked to become a regional partner shortly after that. Today, Trail Finder is owned and managed by Upper Valley Trails Alliance in partnership with the Vermont Forests, Parks & Recreation Department, and represents hundreds of trails in Vermont and the Upper Valley Region of New Hampshire. 

Trail Finder is a comprehensive on-line trails database that offers detailed maps, trail descriptions, directions to trailheads, photos, length, permitted uses, and contact information for the trail owner and manager. It also features a comments and photos section so you can share your experience with other users and also report current trail conditions.

We are currently seeking additional Regional Partners to act as Trail Finder upload resource hubs for trail managers, including workshop centers. Contact John.Taylor@uvtrails.org if your organization or business is interested in helping to expand Trail Finder outreach.

Return to Trail Finder often to find new trail postings and updates for VT and NH.

A special thanks to all the landowners and municipalities that participated and to the many volunteers who have helped gather the data for Trail Finder.

Trail Finder is currently sponsored by the Vermont Recreation Trails Program Fund, The Vermont Community Foundation, Yonder, and CCGIS.