Indoor Walking

Winters in the Upper Valley can be long and due to weather, work schedule, or ability to get outside you might prefer walking indoors.  UVTA, in partnership with local businesses and employers has compiled a series of indoor walking routes.

DHMC Indoor Walking Routes (Open 24 hours a day, free of charge)

Enter DHMC either through the Main Entrance on the west side or the parking garage on the east.

Level 4 Loop (from Parking Garage) – 0.38 mi. (4x= 1.5 miles)

  • Starting from the information desk (on your left as you exit the garage)
  • Proceed straight ahead down the hallway, past the stairs, and turn right at the end, going around the octagon (rotunda) in the process
  • Continue along this hallway to the elevators. Turn around and retrace your route back to the information desk.

Level 4 Loop w/Stair Climb (from Parking Garage) – 0.35mi (4x=1.4mi)

  • Starting at the information desk, go straight ahead, and then take the stairs on the left up to Level 5.
  • Turn left at the top of the stairs, walk down the hallway and turn left through the first opening in the wall.
  • Proceed along that hallway past clinic 5D and turn right at the end, going around the octagon (rotunda) and past the library in the process.
  • Continue along this hallway to the stairs, and go down to Level 4, then retrace your route on Level 4 back to the information desk.

Level 3 Loop (from Main Entrance) – 0.37 mi. (4x 1.5 mi.)

  • Go straight down the hallway, around the information desk, past clinic 3D, through the doorway and turn right.
  • Continue past the DHMC Pharmacy and turn left. Follow the hallway to its end near clinic 3M, then retrace your steps to the Main Entrance.

Level 3/4 Loop w/Stair Climb (from Main Entrance) – 0.21 mi. (5x=1 mi.)

  • Go around the information desk and take the stairs to the left of the opposite hallway up one level to Level 4.
  • At the top of the stairs, make a sharp left and go down the hallway past Clinic 4D.
  • After going through the opening at the end of the hall, turn left and walk to the end of the hallway.
  • Take the stairs down to Level 3 and retrace your route on Level 3, turning right to go past Clinic 3D to the Main Entrance.

PowerHouse Mall Routes (Open from 8am to closing, free of charge)

First Floor – 0.14 mi. (7 round trips = 1 mile)

  • Starting at LL Bean, and walk the length of the 1st floor to EMS and return.

Second Floor – 0.10 mi – (10 round trips = 1 mile)

  • Begin at one end of the 2nd floor, walk all the way to the other, then return.

Dartmouth College Routes (Alumni Gym)

  • An indoor track is available in Alumni Gym with a $10 day pass, or with a gym membership.