Thetford Academy Cross Country Trail

3.1 miles (5K)
Map (pdf): 

Thetford Academy, Vermont’s oldest secondary school, hosts the New England Cross-Country Championship races on its unique cross country course, designed in 1991 by Thetford resident John Morton, a two-time Olympic biathlon skier and coach-turned-designer of trails for cross-country running and skiing. Morton designed the trail to have minimal impact on the land, using the natural pathways and existing skid trails from past logging operations on Thetford Academy and State Forest land. Under the direction of another area resident, Dan Grossman, alumni and community members lent bulldozers and labor, some wrote grants, others did the back-breaking work of pulling rocks with pickaxes and shovels. The result is what many consider one of the finest cross-country running courses in New England, and a fine ski and snowshoe trail.