Become a Trails Leader - Join the UVTA Board

Dear UVTA members and friends,
Trails and access to trails are at the top of the list of outdoor recreational amenities our Upper Valley neighbors ask about whether they move here from afar or move within our community. As a board, we work hard to understand the needs of all UVTA members, and have your interests in mind as we help set the direction for the future of trail development and use throughout the Upper Valley.
We plan to review our board membership each year and extend to you an opportunity to express an interest in serving on the UVTA Board.  We know that keeping this process ongoing throughout the year, with a regular request for new members, is critical to the long-term health of the Trails Alliance.
We hope you will consider serving on the Board.  While this is an open process to express your interest in board membership, we will ask you to let us know why you have an interest in the board and what skills you possess that would be of value to the Trails Alliance.  Are you great with trail work?  Do you know people who are interested in trails that would like to become members?   Are you skilled with events?  Do you like to raise money, or advocate in government?  Are you good with budgets and budget planning?  Do you like long-range strategic planning?  Do you like meeting new people who love trails?  These might be some of the strengths you could bring to our board, in addition to other skills that would be equally as helpful.  Once you express interest, we'll contact you to discuss your possible board involvement and the details of board work, and then decide together if the skills you bring will make a positive contribution to the UVTA Board and to trails in our region.
Please give this request some thought, take a look at the UVTA website at, and let us know if you have an interest in serving on the UVTA Board by sending an email to
Thank you.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.
UVTA Board
Conrad Reining, Chair